small world

Today I’m at Saint Francisco cafe finally taking a crack at reading my beautiful The Beautiful and Damned book while S studies for her finals. I caught up with her over a belated bday brunch at SuriSan – the bacon in the eggs benedict was absolutely delicious!

I distracting myself on my phone when I saw a snap that confirmed my suspicions that one of my best friend from junior high and some guy I was seeing in college are now together! kafjdklfsdjf;sdjl it’s so strange, I don’t know what to think of it.

I told S my theory and she thinks I’m right. Then, I took it to my boyfriend and he’s literally just like …..why do you care?! (YES WITH ALL FIVE …..’s!!)

Like I didn’t care when the guy started dating some other girl when we were in college, but now that he’s dating someone I used to be super close with…it’s just weird. To clarify, I have no qualms against them being together though. In fact, I actually think they’d be good for each other.

What a small world. Reminds me of when I was apt hunting in sf and toured my friend’s ex’s place without knowing so.



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