family time

I was so angry at my boyfriend, I was shaking. Recently his branch shut down so he has to commute an extra half hour (or more with traffic) to work each day. This means he can’t come home during his lunch hour to walk the dog.

Which sucks, but is fine. He could ask his housemates to do it. The thing that made me livid is that he wanted to train after work. THAT MEANS THE DOG WILL BE NEGLECTED FROM 7:30AM-9:30PM!!! fldksljfk;djfs; I still can’t believe how incredibly selfish he’s being!!

And then I asked him what happens if we have a family?! Does he expect to just leave me with the child to go train? Does he expect to skip family dinners to do jiu jitsu? I literally could not believe what I was hearing. He said if we had a baby that he would only skip dinner to train twice a week. ONLY?!? That’s two times too many! And what if I wanted some time to myself. Does that mean I get two days a week as well? Well we might as well be divorced parents to the poor kid.

What happened to good old quality time with the whole family at the table for dinner? I’ve always promised myself to never put work over family, but what about hobbies? Self-care and me-time are very necessary, but are hobbies more important than the relationships in our lives?


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