tahoe round 2

Last weekend, I went to Tahoe and went snowboarding again. This time, I went with a different group and brought my bf along.

night 1: we drove up and were stuck in Davis for literally an hour, while the whole drive took around 6 hours. Once we got to the airbnb, the first thing we did was take shots. A started making pasta for dinner for us, and we just ate, drank, and settled…(cause we settled in and played settlers of catan hahaha) the rest of the night. It was my first time playing actually, and it was alright. I passed out with Andrew before the second car of people arrived.

day 1: R? was making us breakfast, and we snowboarded. It was so fun, and I feel like I actually got a lot better this time around. Even though it took J, B and I almost 2 hours to make it down the blue diamond slope. I was starving and scarfed down some very overpriced yet unsurprisingly mediocre chicken tenders and fries, before heading up again.

The second time, I went up with my bf. I feel like I’m getting a lot better, but omg the bunny slope was actually the hardest part!! The slope was basically flat, and there were SO many people. I just kept falling and stopping and having to unstrap and reposition myself over and over. I swear, that took another 2 hours!

night 2: dirty charades and truth or dare. enough said.


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