my main bitches

It’s 2:04 on a Friday night, but I’m coming back from chilling at D’s house with my main bitches (r,a,t,d,j,j …like will I even remember who these are?!) and we just played pool, codename, and hung out. There was this one girl I literally haven’t seen since high school! I almost forgot her name…oops.

I loved it though, these chill, comfortable hangouts with solid company are my favorite. I love who I am with this group of people – I feel so myself. Like I don’t have to constantly be hyperaware of what I say/do. I feel so content right now.

I spent some time in Tahoe with this group too and that was just a blur of laughter. I taught them how to play cheers governor, and then everything after that was just lots of laughter, rage cage, and friendship.

I’m so exhausted – but I don’t know if I want to just pass out, read my book, shop online, or watch netflix.

Either way, my heart is filled with love and joy.