I just had a much needed, absolutely amazing vacation in Cancun this weekend. My best friend had originally planned a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, but they broke up, so I went instead!

Friday: I was so stressed out because I hadn’t finished work and had a looming anxious feeling because I’ve already taken so many days off. My flight is from Sacramento the next day at 7:00am, so the plan is to leave work, walk back to my sf home, pack, bart home to Fremont, eat dinner, finish packing, and drive to my boyfriend’s.

Saturday: I wake up early at 5:00 in the morning to take a quick shower before the Lyft picked me up at 5:30ish. For once, I got to the airport with some time to spare. C almost missed her flight though. We had two layovers, but it was nice because it broke up an otherwise long, uncomfortable flight. The layovers were only around an hour, so it was just enough time to stretch our legs and grab a snack without feeling rushed. We arrived in Cancun and met up with A.

When we finally arrived to the hotel, we were greeted by a homey scent of pine and the biggest Christmas tree I’ve ever seen. A and C check into the hotel as I sat and waited for them.

We opened the door to a spacious almost suite with two queen size beds. Then we headed out to the streets of Cancun in search for dinner.

On our way to the hotel, we saw lots of lights and restaurants closely. Turns out, we literally live like right next to the “HoZo” All of Cancun’s hottest clubs were. It was basically the Vegas strip. We ate at a delicious taco stand before heading back up to the hotel to get ready for a night out.

When we got to the hotel, the guy at the door had us verify who we were. This was a problem because I wasn’t a guest at the hotel. Somehow, we came up with some thin lie about how I’m just getting ready with them for the night. I got into a fight with my boyfriend and his friends in another hotel and needed a place to stay.

So we came up with some elaborate plan that basically ended up being C grabbing my passport and then us walking around and hanging out until 4:00am before having to pay for my stay. The guy was nice and only charged us 3 nights though!

Sunday: We wake up later than we planned, but still had a very packed day. We took a bus and ferry at around 1:00 to visit Isla Mujeres.

On our ferry ride, they had a guy in the front playing guitar and signing, and a vendor sold us a Golf Cart Rental. We wandered Isla Mujeres for a while looking for the golf cart rental place, but couldn’t find it. Finally, someone told us where, but he offered to take us on his golf cart. We all thought he was just trying to sell us a ride, so we tried walking off. Thankfully, he was super nice and checked up on us afterward because we def couldn’t have found it without his help.

Once we got our golf cart, we ate a very over-priced and mediocre lunch drove around the island to go snorkeling. We all took turns driving, and even though it only went around 30mph, it was exhilarating and one of my favorite parts of the trip!

Finally, we found a nice beach to hang out at and saw a bunch of little fishes in between a few rocks. We put on C’s snorkeling goggles and just stuck our heads in the water to watch the fish. Unfortunately, we only had maybe half an hour snorkeling before our golf cart rental had to be returned at 5:00pm.

After speeding and returning our cart at 5:00 right on the dot, we swam around and played at the beach then walk around and explore the streets a bit. By this point, it’s already getting dark. Earlier, a lady at the gas station we bought some water bottles from recommended Picu’s for dinner, so we went and checked it out.

It was bomb. We ordered butterfly shrimp and chips & guac. The guac was amazing – creamy, just enough spice, extra lime, but the chips were a gamble. A bit into each chip to see if it was stale before dipping it into the guac. Then, the butterfly shrimp came out, and omg, it was a life changing moment. The shrimp was so big, like it literally took jumbo shrimp to a whole new level. The scrimp was so juicy, sweet, and fresh and covered with actual coconut flakes and crisped to perfection.

We finished a couple minutes before the ferry arrived to take us back. At night, we chilled and I had to get my list of 100 prospects done.

Monday: chill day at the resort. We spent like an hour doing a photoshoot (which I really dreaded….ugh I’m literally so insecure about my looks these days and no one understands), ordered some cocktails and snacks (tempura with mango sauce was bomb), hung out by the beach and by the pool all day!

Tuesday: Chichen Itza, Cenote, and churros/coconut helado/crepes!

Wednesday: ugh this vacation was way too short. I woke up at 10:00am, and I’m on the plane right now. The flight from Cancun to Denver went smoothly, but we had to wait for over an hour after we already boarded the plane on the flight from Denver to Sac. I’m definitely working from home tomorrow.