never thought i’d say this, but…

I miss recruitment. Remember how I hated the first round of recruitment so much I asked my ex for a fake internship so I could be excused from pre-recruitment the next year? Despite the obnoxious songs, fake smiles, awkward conversations, wardrobe misfunctions, and the unbearable heat, the sisters I bonded with over bitching about recruitment are now my closest friends.

I met up with a couple of them today. We got Thai food for lunch, then shopped/sat on a couch in TJ max for like an hour and half, only to move to Chick-Fil-A to chill for another hour. I wasn’t bored per say, but I felt boring. Like we literally did nothing! We had no fun plans, no event, no gossip, no updates…

I honestly can’t recall much of what we talked about. I remember feeling a little sad and nostalgic as we scrolled through the cute recruitment pictures flooding our newsfeed. I don’t even recognize like 3/4 of the girls anymore, and with this new class of like 6o coming in, I’m just old and irrelevant now.

I really miss the constant thrill and excitement of college. Everything was somehow so interesting, yet I can’t pinpoint what exactly kept me so engaged. Back then, we used to have so much more fun doing nothing – more laughter and complete nonsense, less phones, and definitely no silences.

Has the novelty of life worn off already? Maybe my routine boring 9-6 job and living at home has left me apathetic.  Although I find myself wishing I was back, I know that if I was going through recruitment right now, I’d be thinking it were hell.

The grass is always greener, huh.


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